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British Actress & Associate Executive Producer based in Los Angeles - Oceans & Animal activist devoted to innovating meta-philanthropy and celebrity-based coaching to foster human improvement globally.

Lauren Maddox - My Religion is Veganism and Animal Protection

Hi, I‘m Lauren Maddox
I shoot for values

‘Through the films that I choose to act in, I focus on raising awareness concerning:
  • How we can learn from history.
  • How we can create positivity and abundance in life.
  • How we can heal people’s pain from trauma and therefore inspire them to move away from adding to the suffering of other species and to become vegan.
  • Increasing awareness and activism in relation to Veganism and Animal Protection, showing how by not eating animals or dairy, we can build a peaceful planet.
  • Anger built up from pain will be far easier to release from the soul, body, and mind when the addition of other animals’ pain is not having to be processed within ones’ gut and so, within their being and soul.
  • Creating documentaries to help inspire others to protect all animals, highlighting farmed animals and ones in the oceans as well as being compassionate towards the planet to avoid further Global Warming due to Climate Change stemming from many of humanity’s bad decisions.
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The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope and Rosco

I write for children too :)

This is the first book in a series of children's illustrated fiction, The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope and Rosco. This first book displays key morals such as protecting and loving other animals as if they are us, giving and receiving gifts and produce, being anti-bullying abd instead embracing differences and attuning to them as well as learning when to plant fruit and vegetables, how to pick them, and who to give them to, to help the World, such as tfood co-ops and women’s shelters. A percentage of proceeds from the book sales will go to Oceana, Sea Shepherd, Toronto Pig Save, and Save Movement Worldwide.

Live on NBC - Magical Interview of Lauren Maddox

My BOOK is available now

The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope and Rosco - Lauren-Book-Amazon

The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope and Rosco

The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope and Rosco - Lauren-Book-Barnes-and-Noble

The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope and Rosco

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