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Environment, Veganism and Humanism

Lauren uses film as a medium to help raise awareness concerning animal protection and in relation to Veganism and Human rights.

Lauren's recent documentary 'Bear Witness', a co-production between Pig Save Films and her film company, 'Angel Light Films', that she is the lead actress in, focuses on the idea that 'All Animals Have a Soul' and on 'Bearing Witness to the Suffering Ones and to not turning away', as Leo Tolstoy spoke of and Gandhi felt. Within this documentary, we focus on interviews with those in the field of animal behavior, such as Dr. Lori Marino who came to Anita Krajnc's trial in Burlington, Ontario, 'for feeding pigs water on their way to slaughter' and Dr. David Jenkins, who says that the United Nations wants us all to go Vegan due to 18% of methane gas coming from cows who are born, on mass for meat consumption. Meat, Dairy, and Sugar are the number one causes of cancer and we can so easily lead an Uber Healthy existence with cutting out meat, dairy, sugar and white flour.

Lauren knows that all species are equal to us in the eyes of the Universe and must be treated good on this planet, as we are another species of animal.