Who Am I


A quick snapshot about me

Professional Info

I am a Film and T.V. Actress and often also an Associate Film Producer, in both the U.S. and U.K. I am working on numerous mainstream Film & TV projects in 2015 and 2016, ongoing, to help raise awareness on ideas to do with Animal Rights, Human Rights, the Animal, and Human Psyche, as well as current and historical life stories, to draw light on how we can learn from the past.

I am also interested in Soul Healing through Shamanism (incorporating Plants and Sound Frequency), to inspire healing of the Inner Being, which then transfers to the exterior physical state. I feel that through a human understanding of their Inner World, through means such as Chakra healing, eating nutritious light particles (in raw plants), for example; Chlorella, Spirulina and Maranga and opening to positive sound frequency, this can open ‘The Chi’ and ‘The Awakened Heart’.

Lauren's - Bio

Lauren Maddox is an English born actress & an associate producer for the films that she likes & that she’d like to act in. Lauren grew up in London & Surrey in the U.K. and now resides in Los Angeles for her film work. Lauren is attached to 3 mainstream WW Release Sci-Fi Franchises, playing ‘Caesa’ in the feature film ‘Cerulean’, playing ‘Bunny’ ( A Spy/Assassin) in ‘Blade and Blood’ & playing ‘Krystal’ in Christopher Judge’s (Stargate SG1), feature film, ‘Kingdom Come’. Lauren will also be acting in the upcoming feature film ‘The Man Who Saved Paris’ alongside Kristin Scott Thomas, Stanley Tucci, Bill Murray & Jean Reno.

Lauren is an advisor for a Bit-Coin Film Finance Platform called ‘Dyonisis’. Lauren has set up Angel Light Films recently for many films that she will act in and produce over the years to come.

Lauren’s father is the highly regarded, Michael Evans, who is a commercial and residential property tycoon in London, Europe, Saudi, and the U.S., owning the well-known company ‘Evans Randall’ often featured in ‘The Financial Times’. Michael Evans was the previous owner of ‘The Gherkin’, one of London’s most prestigious landmarks. Lauren’s mother Francesca Evans, has interior designed many high-end homes in London, Europe & the U.S.

Notable Facts of Lauren

An Amazing Talent + Down to Earth Person

Lauren has recently written her first children’s book with closest friends & confidants, Michael Langston Tomlin & Richard Tomlin’s who created the stunningly beautiful illustrations. This book is called ‘The Wondrously Magical Adventures of Penelope & Rosco’ and this will be a series stretching over an expansive age group of from 4 years to 18 years. Our first book in the Series is for 4-6-year-olds. It is a progressive book, shows how we should protect all animals & displays good morals from a young age.

Lauren is also publishing her dissertation from her Masters in Psychotherapy and Healing before studying her doctorate in Alternative Medicine part-time in between the films that she acts in and produces.

Pure Soul

I feel that ‘first we must instill a centered peaceful soul, heart, mind and then the physical body will take positive action instead of negative action’.

This, I feel, is because ‘The Universe is within’ and ‘Our thoughts and words are reflected back at us to create light or dark within ourselves and in the exterior world’. If we help create a positive place, within, by inspiring light, this will be reflected in the outside world.

This may sound like what we already know, but by reminding ourselves of it and of our roots, stemming all the way through our ancestral line, we can help heal others around us and those who have come before us, also, through our ancestral bloodline.

Funds for Charities

Through my Film work, I will be focusing on raising funds for Charities who focus on the neglect of Animals (such as www.seashepherd.org www.theorcafoundation.org and www.freemorgan.org)

I will create a documentary in collaboration with Ed Scott Stanley Clarke for Sea Shepherd, to show the positive work they are doing to help combat the horrific treatment of Sea Life. We will ask the magical, Lily Tomlin, to narrate this Documentary. We will put films forward for Kat Kramer’s ‘Films That Change The World’ and ‘Cinema For Peace’ – www.cinemaforpeace.org. My friend, Ravi Kumar, Directed one of the films that Kat Kramer showed, ‘Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain’.

I will also focus on Female & Male abuse, as well as Malnutrition and how to create sustainable environments. Please see: www.awarenessmusic.com for the other Charities that I am involved with, strongly including LGBT Charities.

Awareness Music

Unique Music with Healing Frequency Power

‘Awareness Music’ has been founded by myself and William Johnston, as a Music Foundation. It has been created to begin playing music with a healing frequency, within films (528 Hertz). This will be films or T.V. Series that either I actin and/or produce or projects that I hear of, that have a positive message of truth. Awareness Music will raise funds for the Charities and artists, involved in our Foundation, through negotiated donations from Film Companies that buy the Song Rights or the Film Scores of any of our Artistes.