My Film BIO

Lauren Maddox: an emerging artist, philanthropist, and vegan ambassador

I shoot for values. Through my film work, I will be focusing on raising funds for neglected animal charities.

Film Career in 2019

Lauren’s career is set to take off this year, in 2019, with two Sci-Fi Franchises, playing the role of 'Caesa’ in the feature film ‘Cerulean’ – and playing the role of ‘Bunny’, the spy assassin, in the dark, steam-punk style feature film ‘Blade and Blood’. Lauren is also set to play the role of ‘Krystl’ in the T.V. Series ‘Kingdom Come’. Lauren is also playing the role of Natalie in the T.V. Series for Amazon Prime, called ‘Runners’ that she is currently filming in Los Angeles and the first Series will be on Amazon Prime this year.

Lauren is also set to play the Gypsy Witch, Laila, in the T.V. Pilot, ‘Christian’, shooting this year. Lauren will also shoot the comedy feature film, ‘McDojo’ – she will be aged up 30 years for one comedy character, to 60 years old and she will be 25 years in the larger character that she plays, which she will wear a fat suit for.